Badija island ticket

Our Badija island taxi boat service is a guaranteed best and safest option to visit Badija island during whole day. Our taxi boats are driving literally every 30 minutes from east port of Korcula old town.

With Badija island daily ticket you can visit Badija island. 

It is really easy to find us since we have yellow taxi stand and yellow taxi flag next to it. Feel free to ask our captains any question or inquiry you have, they will gladly explain everything to you and help you any way possible.
Couple of important facts:

  • Our captains are starting selling tickets at 09.00 am every day
  • First boat leaves toward the islands at 09.30
  • Every 30 minutes after that next boat leaves
  • Last boat leaves Korcula at 18.00

With Badija island ticket you can visit Badija island. With any of our boats that come to all the places every 30 minutes you can jump between those islands as many times as you want during the day. Usually our last boat during the season from Badija is at 19.10. Be sure not to miss that boat because we’ll need to return for you for an additional fee.

Be sure to download our app

We definitely recommend you to download our Android application or if you have an Iphone visit our web application (they are the same), so that you can have all the needed info, updates and schedule as well at any time.

Also you can find lot of interesting history facts, images of the islands, swimming and snorkeling spots, restaurants and coffee bars,..

You can reserve your ticket online if you like, after which you will receive our email with a confirmation code. You need to show an email to one of our captains who will give you your ticket directly on the boat and you’ll need of course to pay for it in cash.

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