8. Port 9 Resort



With our Port 9 Resort ticket you can visit only Korčula town and return to Port 9 Resort every 30 minutes  between 09.00 am & 18.30 pm. After 18.30 lines are switching boats and are operating until 00.00.  For the night line price is the same as a daily one but you need to buy new ticket.

Our 11 boats are coming on all the places every 30 minutes; you just show your ticket to boat driver and you’re ready to go . Be sure to check our schedule and keep it with you!

P.s. with this reservation you can come to any of our boats and captain will give you your ticket. You pay directly on the boat, please try to bring exact amount of money if possible.

Additional information

Places to visit


Number of persons


Valid for 1 day

09.00 – 18.30, 19.00 – 24.00