Lumbarda is a small fishermen’s village of around 1200 inhabitants. It is situated at the eastern part of Island of Korcula, about 7 kilometres from Korcula Old Town.

The village is built around a small bay and on the hills behind it and is surrounded by large sandy vineyards. To reach the village you can drive along a nice asphalt road passing through a picturesque area of pine woods and olive groves along the coast of the island.

Best places to visit in Lumbarda are Pržina beach, Bilin Žal beach (both with restaurants), Prvi Žal beach (with beach bar), beautiful wineyards, wineries and lot of restaurants and caffee bars.

In the 3rd century BC, a Greek settlement was founded here from which originated the Psephism and the gnathia vases found in graves (can be seen in the Korcula Town Museum).

There was a Roman villa rustic (rural estate) in the field north-east of the village near Bilin Zal beach.

Since the 16th-century prosperous Korčula Town landowners built their summer houses called “kaštel” on the best sites around the fields, some of them still well preserved and inhabited by local families.

Sveti Rok parish church with a nave and two aisles stands on Vela Glavica hill in the middle of the old village, and there are several small old chapels in the village itself: St Bartul, St Peter, The Nativity of the Virgin (Mala Gospa). The church of the Holy Cross (Sv. Kriz) from 1774, in front of which is a characteristic porch, is surrounded by the vineyards.

For centuries local people were farmers, mostly grape growers, fishermen and stone-masons.

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