Badija is the largest island in the Korcula archipelago and is a quick boat trip from our Taxi station in Korčula. The most dominant feature of the island is the sprawling Franciscan Monastery which dates back to the 14th century.

The island is a quiet haven, replete with pine trees and bordered by rocky beaches, some of which are naturist but all of which make for great swimming. Currently, it is not possible to stay  over the night on the island but that may change.

Franciscan monks from Bosnia were granted ownership of a portion of the island in 1392 and began building a monastery. Most of what you see now dates from the middle 15th century and reflects a late Gothic style. The cloister dates from 1477 and is a particularly attractive example od Dalmatian Gothic style. Although the monks maintained a presence on the island for centuries, the land was seized by Tito’s government after WWII and the island and its monastery were used as a sports centre. It was recently returned to the Franciscan order who set about restoring the monastery and cleaning up the island.

On the island there are lot of deers which are pretty peacefull. Tourist are feeding them from their hand with apples and carrots.



On the island there is a restaurant as well with medium moderate prices which is good.